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We organise unique creative art vacations in the most stunning locations in Scotland, led by the most inspiring artists.  Wild at Art vacation packages include carefully selected tutors, accommodation, inspiring venues and locations, and much more.

Meet our skilled and talented artists who lead the art and crafts workshops we’ve planned for you. Our tours also take you to galleries and exhibitions, castles and country homes and stunning cities throughout Scotland, packaged with the best in accommodation and cuisine – all to tempt your creativity and make your visit in Scotland both exciting and relaxing.

Join us in Scotland where the sights and sounds of the ever changing scenery and welcoming people will inspire you to develop your painting, drawing, stone carving, textile, silversmithing and jewellery (& jewelry) skills. Personal experiences are what you will take home with you. An evening of live acoustic music in a cozy pub, combing the beach for the perfect sea softened pebble for your hand-made necklace, looking differently at wizened trees, and getting the angle just right in an ancient castle… just waiting for you.

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The power of imagination makes us infinite.

John Muir